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What’s a freeroll satellite?

Freeroll Satellites

Playing a satellite is a great way to get a chance to play in a big event. Some of the most exciting satellites are the ones that sites offer in exchange for regular players, who don't even have to buy in with cash! Finding free roll poker is a great idea.

These freeroll satellites are a lot of fun for a number of reasons: you might get a chance to play in a big game with tough competition, you get some practice playing, and most of all, they're free! The fact that they're free also means that a lot of times the competition isn't as tough as in the other games.

Why is it important to pay attention to my image?

Watch Your Own Image

Paying attention to your own image is probably the most important image to pay attention to in a tournament. For example, suppose you've just been moved to a new table in a Texas hold ‘em tournament ten hands ago. In that time, you've been dealt AA, KK, and AK twice, played them all aggressively, and never showed down a hand. Everyone is going to be just itching to play against you, because you look like a maniac, even though you know you've just gotten an amazing run of cards. This effect will be there at any level of game, from a freeroll to a major tournament.

*This means two things: don't try to steal blinds with a junk hand, because you will get played back at. Also, if someone plays back at you when you have a tough choice, tend to call rather than fold. The odds they're reraising with air goes up dramatically because you look like a maniac.

Are weak aces playable in no limit hold ‘em?

Playing Bad Aces

Probably the most misplayed hand is no limit hold ‘em is a weak offsuit ace, something like A7. Novices, especially in a freeroll poker tournament, tend to play these garbage hands in any position. When the blinds are small relative to the stacks, A7 should be folded anytime except maybe if everyone folds to you on the button or one off the button. Even then you're not missing out on much if you just fold, and in many cases it's correct to do so.

Players who flop an ace with A7 and then commit all of their chips are the reason that playing a hand like 22 is profitable from any position. Just wait to flop three of a kind and then pray that someone wants to go to the felt with a marginal one pair hand.

Are non-nut draws playable in Omaha?

Non-nut Draws in Omaha (ewwwww…..)

In hold ‘em, if you make a ten-high flush (using both cards in your hand), that's a very strong hand. In Omaha, a ten-high flush is not a bad hand to have, but you need to tread very carefully and will have to fold if it looks like someone really likes their hand. In Omaha, since you have four cards in your hand instead of two, strong hands are much more likely.

If you're facing a bet in hold ‘em and you're holding four cards to a ten-high flush, it's often correct to call. In Omaha, it's bankroll suicide. Hitting your hand and being forced to fold (or worse, losing your stack) is a disaster, and if a lot of money goes in, you can be pretty confident you're going to get shown an ace-high flush. In Omaha, you want your draws to be to the nuts (the top possible hand). If you're in a free roll, it's less important as you're 9-high flush will probably get paid off by a straight, two pair, or some other junk hand.

What’s a free roll?

Free Poker – What Could Be Better?

If you don't want to plunk down some of your hard earned cash to play poker online, take a shot at one of the many free roll poker tournaments. Finding free roll poker is easy. There are many sites that offer these free tournaments, and they pay out real cash! It's a great way to get some practice playing, and you might even get yourself a nice payday.

Although a lot of the players in these tournaments will be playing like buffoons, you should use this opportunity to play seriously and work on your game. Pay attention to who is slinging chips around and who is playing conservatively. Try to make the best decision each time. A lot of excellent players started their bankroll by winning money in one of these free tournaments.

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