Playing Bad Aces

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Are weak aces playable in no limit hold ‘em?

Playing Bad Aces

Probably the most misplayed hand is no limit hold ‘em is a weak offsuit ace, something like A7. Novices, especially in a freeroll poker tournament, tend to play these garbage hands in any position. When the blinds are small relative to the stacks, A7 should be folded anytime except maybe if everyone folds to you on the button or one off the button. Even then you're not missing out on much if you just fold, and in many cases it's correct to do so.

Players who flop an ace with A7 and then commit all of their chips are the reason that playing a hand like 22 is profitable from any position. Just wait to flop three of a kind and then pray that someone wants to go to the felt with a marginal one pair hand.



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