Watch Your Own Image

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Why is it important to pay attention to my image?

Watch Your Own Image

Paying attention to your own image is probably the most important image to pay attention to in a tournament. For example, suppose you've just been moved to a new table in a Texas hold ‘em tournament ten hands ago. In that time, you've been dealt AA, KK, and AK twice, played them all aggressively, and never showed down a hand. Everyone is going to be just itching to play against you, because you look like a maniac, even though you know you've just gotten an amazing run of cards. This effect will be there at any level of game, from a freeroll to a major tournament.

*This means two things: don't try to steal blinds with a junk hand, because you will get played back at. Also, if someone plays back at you when you have a tough choice, tend to call rather than fold. The odds they're reraising with air goes up dramatically because you look like a maniac.



6/15/2007 11:27:56 AM
Zilla!!! said:

reraising with air goes up dramatically...

What do you mean by Air?


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