Know How to Pick ‘Em

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How do I choose a table at which to play poker?

Know How to Pick ‘Em

So, you're ready to settle down, play some poker, and win some dough…now what? Well, you better decide on a table at which to sit down for starters. If you're new to the game, picking a table might be tricky; here are a few pointers to help you make a more educated decision:

  • Pick a table with less skilled players than you.
  • If you find yourself seated at a table where the competition is to stiff, move on to a new table—you're not obligated to stay anywhere.
  • If you find that your attention span is dwindling and you are continually making poor decisions, you are probably not only at a bad table but not on top of your game—finish up and call it a night.
  • If you've invested a good bit of time in a table (over an hour) and haven't won a round, move on, honey.



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