Folding AA Before the Flop in a Satellite

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When is a time you should fold AA before the flop?

Folding AA Before the Flop in a Satellite

There are a (very) few times when it's correct to fold AA before the flop in a no limit Texas hold ‘em tournament. For example, suppose you're in a satellite tournament where 15 players get a seat in a big tournament, and there's no difference between getting 15th and 1st.

You have a nice, healthy stack, and there are 16 players left, many of whom have a lot fewer chips that you. A player with a big stack raises, and it's your turn. Since you can win a seat in the big tournament just by folding, there's no reason to get involved. Just fold. If you do play, and your aces get cracked, you can scream “This online poker software is rigged!” but you'd have no to blame but yourself.



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