Limping Big Pairs – Be Careful

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Is it right to limp big pairs?

Limping Big Pairs – Be Careful

When playing Texas holdem, it's not always smart to limp! In no limit hold em, there's sometimes a temptation to limp – that is, just call before the flop – with a hand like AA or KK. This can be a viable strategy, but it should be used sparingly. If you have several aggressive players left to act behind you, that makes it much better.

The problem is that if you limp in with AA and five more players limp in behind you, you're going to have a tough time knowing where you're at. So many people are in the pot that you don't know if someone has flopped a big hand like two pair, so you have to tread carefully. At the lower stakes games, you don't need to do anything too tricky to get chips in the pot when you've got a powerful hand. Just put in a normal-sized raise and expect to get action from mediocre hands.



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