Crazy Pineapple – When Two Cards Just Aren't Enough

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What’s crazy pineapple?

Crazy Pineapple – When Two Cards Just Aren't Enough

Next time you play poker and you want to try a new game that's going to reward those in the know, try crazy pineapple. It's played just like you were playing Texas hold em, except that everyone is dealt three cards. After the betting on the flop is completed, you discard one card. The way that you'll get your edge is from recognizing that you need a much better hand in crazy pineapple than hold em, both before the flop and after.

A poor crazy pineapple player will see a hand like AJ6 and figure, “Well, AJ is a reasonably good hand for hold em, so I should play it.” The problem is, the 6 is almost totally worthless. You want hands that are coordinated all around, like 887 with two suited cards. Then when the flop comes A83 you can take a lot of money off the AJ guy who doesn't realize that everyone's going to have a lot more of a hand in this game than hold em.



10/4/2006 7:24:46 AM
nick kelly said:

I hope you're not saying trips is a huge hand. The AJ has nothing but won't lose any more money. Trips is almost as dangerous as in Omaha, where straights are the work horse. If the turn is a 6 or 9 shouldn't you check trips?


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