Hand Nicknames, part two

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What are some more hand nicknames?

Hand Nicknames, part two

In a previous tip we talked about some of the nicknames of poker hands. Here are some more that are good to know around the table:

  • 88: “Snowmen”: an 8 looks, um, a little like a snowman.
  • 77: “Walking sticks”
  • 55: “Speed limit.” Thank goodness the federal government relaxed their constitutionally dubious nation speed limit (the feds weren't allowed to legislate it directly, so they tied a 55 speed limit to federal highway funding). Now, 55 should really be called “the number formerly known as the national speed limit” but that's a little clunky around the table.
  • 33: “Crabs.”
  • 22: “Ducks.”



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