Handling a Bad Beat

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How should you deal with a bad beat?

Handling a Bad Beat

Sometimes you get all your money in with the best hand and you lose. This is often called a “bad beat” – and it's the most frustrating in the world when it happens to you. The key is to not let it affect you too much, both in terms of your play and your demeanor.

If you start spewing poker chips every time you take a beat, you're going to cost yourself a lot of money. Similarly, don't berate the player who got lucky to beat you. All it does is make you look like an amateur. If it's a profitable home game and your bellyaching causes you not to get invited back, it's a disaster. So keep your mouth shut!



6/17/2007 10:45:11 AM
gary said:

its true. just friday i was in the big blind with 8&5. flop was 8&5&4 i went all in & was called by pocket kings the turn&river were 3&3.that was a bad beat 4 me. but i will live 2 play again. lol!


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