Why Pros Look So Wild on TV

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Why do pros play such marginal hands on TV?

Why Pros Look So Wild on TV

When you watch poker on TV, there's usually a dirty little secret they're not telling you. Only the interesting hands get shown. Ever notice that sometimes it looks like the same person is the big blind twice in a row? No, that person didn't tick off the tournament director, and it's not a crooked poker game. All of the hands in between have just been edited out.

*This is why pros look so wild on TV. You don't see the ten times that Phil Ivey folds his trash hand; you only see the outrageous bluff that leaves him thoroughly enjoying poker.



2/13/2009 12:05:32 PM
Randy said:

This is why I think NBC's Poker After Dark is the best poker show on TV. Unlike the other shows, PAD shows almost every hand played, even the boring ones that are checked down to the river and won by a Jack high.


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