Sometimes You Should Keep Your Hands to Yourself

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Should I play in every round of poker?

Sometimes You Should Keep Your Hands to Yourself

A common mistake that beginners make when playing poker is to play way too many hands from the get-go. It's easy to get lost in the thrill of the game and attempt to be in on every round. Realistically speaking, however, this isn't the best idea.

When starting out it's smarter not to depend on luck. In other words, stick to the high hands that are more of a sure bet. In fact, statistics show that leading players only play between 20-30% of their beginning hands. Additionally, when you're an outsider you can watch a game with a clear mind because you won't have anything invested in it.

If you're no longer in on a round sit back and observe—this is a great time to learn a thing or two. Take note of what the winners and the losers do and, if you gather enough information, you may get a leg up on your opponents in later rounds.



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