Record Keeping with Poker Tracker

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What is Poker Tracker?

Record Keeping with Poker Tracker

If you're going to play poker with any level of seriousness, it's important to keep records. That will help you figure out if you're winning or losing, and you'll be able to keep hands so you can review them later.

One of the most useful pieces of poker software you can buy is called Poker Tracker. Buying and downloading poker software, like Poker Tracker, can help you keep statistics on opponents. It's very useful to be able to fire up Poker Tracker and learn something about the players you're playing with. If a player hasn't raised before the flop in the first 50 hands you've played with them, when they do raise you can be pretty sure it's not K9!



9/25/2006 7:48:40 AM
Chris Sorensen said:

This is a very good tip.

There are many good assistants to help you hone your online game.

These assistants go by the name of Online Poker Tools. Online Poker Tools consist of tracking software, and also, in game calculators, that assist while you play!


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