The Free Card Play

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What’s the free card play?

The Free Card Play

There's a powerful play in limit Texas hold ‘em called the free card play. Suppose there are two people left in the pot, and you're in position, meaning you get to act last. The opponent bets, you raise, and he calls. Now on the turn, he checks to you. If you choose, you can take the free card and check behind. This play is usually used with either a mediocre made hand like 2nd pair or with four cards to a flush.

One of the appeals of the play is that you get to the river cheaper this way than if you call bets on the flop and turn (two small bets vs. one big bet and one small bet). The only play I would not recommend using this play is in free multiplayer poker where there is no money on the line. In that case, your opponent is likely to reraise with any kind of garbage holding.



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