Domination – Not Just an S&M Term Anymore

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What does domination mean?

Domination – Not Just an S&M Term Anymore

When you're all-in before the flop with a marginal hand – this happens periodically in no limit Texas hold ‘em tournaments – sometimes you wish your hand was a little worse! For example, if the opponent holds AK and you hold KQ, you wish that you had 67 instead. With KQ, there are only three cards in the deck that help you immediately – the other three Q's. With 67, there are six: three 6's and three 7's.

Having a card in common is called being dominated (or dominating). If you can learn how to be on the right side of that match-up, you can clean up at free poker rooms all over the internet (going in the poker rooms online is a great way to make some cash)!



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