Tips on Tipping (Ha ha!)

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What’s the tipping custom at a casino?

Tips on Tipping (Ha ha!)

There's nothing worse than seeing poker players in live poker rooms rake in a nice big pot and neglect the poor dealer who made it all happen. Dealers make a hefty chunk of their incomes from tips, so you should give them a tip after most of the pots you win. If you win a very small one, just hang on to your money, but anything significant deserves a tip, usually a dollar.

If the pot was extra big or if the dealer is doing an especially good job, it's a nice gesture to throw in a few extra dollars. The same goes for the cocktail waiters and waitresses. Yes, technically the drinks are free, but there is strong social pressure to give at least a dollar (again, usually exactly a dollar) for a drink.

*Cocktail servers at some casinos pay for each drink they put on their tray, so they're losing money if you don't tip. You wouldn't go to a restaurant and leave exact change on a $45.30 bill, would you? So tip those dealers and servers!



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