Seven-card stud eight-or-better: Go For the Scoop

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What’s seven-card stud eight-or-better?

Seven-card stud eight-or-better: Go For the Scoop

Seven-card stud eight-or-better is a largely forgotten game, but you can introduce it into your home game to add some variety. It's still played at very high stakes in some places, so no site really has a claim to being the best online poker room if they don't offer it. It's very similar to seven card stud – you're dealt two cards face down and one face up, then three more face up, then one more face down, with a round of betting every time you get a card. If someone has an 8-low or better (ace is low), then the person with the best low gets half the pot. The person with the high hand gets the other half (or the whole thing if no one has a low).

*You want to play hands that have a strong chance of winning the whole pot. That's where the real money comes from in this game.



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