Differences in Competition at Different Times

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When is the quality of play worst?

Differences in Competition at Different Times

When's the best time to think about going in the poker room? The quality of play in an online poker room varies a lot by time of day. During the day on a weekday is definitely the toughest. The professional players (yes, there are quite a number of pros playing online) are home playing, but the recreational players are all at work. Of course, that's an exaggeration – there are quite a few novices playing at any time of the day, but the competition is tougher during the day.

The best time to play is late at night on a Friday or Saturday night. That's when you get the most casual players, and I suspect, the most drunk players. If you're looking to play against people who think that A6 is a strong reraising hand, fire up an online poker site at 2:00 AM on Saturday (Eastern time).



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