Folding KK Before the Flop: Very Rare, but not Impossible

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When should I fold KK before the flop?

Folding KK Before the Flop: Very Rare, but not Impossible

Still attempting to learn to play poker games? We've given some discussion to when you should AA before the flop in a no limit Texas hold ‘em game. The answer is virtually never. So when should you fold KK? Very very rarely, but more than folding AA.

The main time you're going to fold KK before the flop is if there are a number of solid players who all seem to like their hands. For example, suppose you just call in first position in a tournament with KK. Then there is a raise, a reraise, and two more reraises from solid players before it's your turn to act. If you're playing reasonably high stakes, you can think about folding. If you're playing a free poker game for no money, you should definitely never fold KK before the flop.



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