Glossary, part 4

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I demand to see more glossary!

Glossary, part 4

Whether your playing Texas holdem in a tournament, or playing Omaha with the guys, it's helpful to know good poker jargon. So you can walk the walk (or sling the cards), but can you talk the talk? Here are some more killer poker terms to help you along:

  • Heads up: Playing poker one on one. This is the most exciting part of a tournament, for obvious reasons.
  • OESD: Open-ended straight draw, which means you have four cards in a row. An example would be if you held 68 on a flop of 792. It's also called an up-and-down draw.
  • Double gutter: This is very similar to an OESD because two cards can make you a straight, but here you don't have four cards all in a row. An example would be 46 on a flop of 852. You can make a straight with a 3 or a 7.
  • Freeroll: A tournament you can play without having to put in any money for the buy-in. Many internet sites have them. You can't beat free Texas holdem poker!
  • Nit: Someone who only player very strong hands.



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