Glossary, pt 3

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Where’s part three of the glossary ?!

Glossary, pt 3

Are you the silent poker type or the kind that is constantly running his or her mouth? Regardless if you open your mouth a lot or not while maintaining your poker face, it can't hurt to use great poker terminology while you play. There are still a lot more useful terms that come up, so we'll continue with the glossary:

  • C&R: Ciaffone and Reuben. Two famous poker authors.
  • CO: Cutoff. The player to the right of the button.
  • C/R: Check-raise. This means to check, wait for someone to bet, and then raise their bet. This is used much more frequently in limit hold em than in no limit Texas hold em.
  • Folding equity: The value that comes from the possibility that all of your opponents will fold and you can pick up the pot.
  • Drawing dead: When a player has no chance to come from behind and win a hand.



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