Raise or Fold: It's the Way to Play

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Do novices players call too much?

Raise or Fold: It's the Way to Play

When learning how to play poker, there's no question that beginning players call too much. Calling stinks because it doesn't put any real pressure on your opponent. If they decide they probably have the best hand, they can keep betting. If they'd rather see a free card and try to improve, they can just check.

When you're figuring out what to do, your first question should be, “Is it time for me to fold?” If the answer is anywhere from “Yes” to “Well, maybe my hand is good enough” you should fold. If you have too much hand to fold, your question will be “Ok, should I raise?” If raising doesn't seem right, go back to thinking about folding. If that still doesn't seem right, consider a call. That one poker tip can help improve a novice into a growing player.



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