The PVS – Phil Van Sexton

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Is it ever right to raise a garbage hand after someone calls before the flop?

The PVS – Phil Van Sexton

You're in a one table tournament. There are five players left. You have 800 chips with the blinds at 50/100, and the other players all have about 1,500. The first player, who plays way too many hands but can make folds, calls the big blind. The next player is aggressive, raising any time she has a strong hand. She also just calls the big blind. Now it's your turn to act. What should you do?

The best poker strategy here is to push all your chips in, no matter what your cards! You have a very good chance to steal 350 chips (150 for the blinds, 100 for each of the two calls) without seeing a flop. This is a great chance to pick up almost 50% of your stack. The play is called a Phil Van Sexton. It's a great play, but don't overuse it.



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