Avoiding the Dreaded String Bet

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How do you make a legal raise in a casino?

Avoiding the Dreaded String Bet

Rules on how to play poker in a casino differ from how to play in other environments. When you play in a casino, you have to know how to raise legally. In your home and in movies, it's legit to say something like “I'll call your 20, and I'll raise you 20 more!” It adds a certain dramatic flair, a touch of WWF that many people can't resist. However, in the casino, it doesn't fly.

In a casino, as soon as you say “I'll call,” you'll do just that: call the bet without raising. An opponent can call you for a “string bet” if you say “call and raise,” and the dealer will force you to just call. The same rule applies if you call a bet and then reach back into your stack for more chips. The proper way to do it is to either put chips in with one motion or announce “raise.” Knowing the poker rules can save you a lot of money.



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