Picking Up Chips from the Small Blind: The Complete-and-steal

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What’s a complete-and-steal?

Picking Up Chips from the Small Blind: The Complete-and-steal

One great play that doesn't get talked about enough is the complete-and-steal. I write it with dashes because you should think of it as all one play, not two separate actions. Here's how it works:

Star poker player Paul Darden has amassed a huge chip stack at the final table of a major no limit hold ‘em tournament. The other players are pretty anxious to stay out of his way and try to inch up the pay ladder. Everyone folds to him in the small blind, and he looks down to see 73, or some such junk. He calls (this is called completing). The big blind checks. The flop completely misses him, something like KQ5, and Darden makes a small bet. If the big blind has a hand, or has the courage to raise or call with no hand, Darden will concede the pot at a relatively minor loss.

*Most players, especially when tangling with a huge chip leader, will simply check their big blind and then fold on the flop unless they have something. It's a great way to pick up chips at a minor risk.



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