Position, Position, Position!

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Why is position important in Texas hold ‘em?

Position, Position, Position!

Position is incredibly important in Texas hold ‘em. If you're playing in a nine- or 10-handed game, KJ is totally unplayable if you're first to act before the flop (called “under the gun.”) This is true whether you're playing limit or no limit. However, if you're on the button and everyone else folds (so only you and the blinds are left), you should raise KJ in either limit or no limit.

*There are a couple of reasons that position is so important. One is that someone behind you may raise. If you toss in a few poker chips for a call and then someone behind you raises, you're going to wish you had just held on to your money. The other is that you'll have bad position on the flop and beyond. KJ is not an easy hand to play, and it will help tremendously to be able to see what everyone else does before you have to decide what to do.



11/11/2008 6:51:06 AM
V. Darabi said:

No hand, pre-flop, is unplayable, let alone KJ! Whatever position you have, you must just have to know what to do in that position with your hand. If you believe you have a bad hand before you see the flop, then making an appropriate raise, depending on your position, will make your way to see the flop. In poker, the most important thing is to have a commanding soul on the game in appropriate times. Passive players lose in poker.


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