Unsolicited Tutoring – the Table Coach

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How do you deal with a table coach?

Unsolicited Tutoring – the Table Coach

The most annoying person in poker is the “table coach.” The coach tells every player how they should have played their hand, constantly giving unwanted advice. The one benefit of having a coach at your table is that you can very easily learn how these players play – they're saving you the trouble of paying attention by telling you out loud!

The best thing to do with these guys is to say ridiculous things. Say you've made two pair with a six and five in your hand, and the table coach is criticizing you for having played the hand at all. Look him (yes, it's always a guy) in the eye and say, “There had been a lot of sixes and fives on the flop lately,” and wait for him to explode. If you're playing internet poker, you have an easier (but more boring) solution – you can just turn off the chat.



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