Tells, the Internet Player's Kryptonite

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How do you avoid giving tells?

Tells, the Internet Player's Kryptonite

If you play online poker and you're about to start playing live poker, or even if you've never played online, it's good to know something about tells. In your first live games, don't worry too much about trying to read tells from other people. Just concentrate on following the betting action, making good betting decisions, and avoiding spilling your beer on the table – and finally, on avoiding giving away the strength of your hand with any tells.

You want to be consistent whether you have a good hand or a horrible one. Try to take the same amount of time with your decisions. Pick a place that you're going to look at while you're making decisions. If you're not comfortable talking when you're bluffing, it's best to have a personal policy of keeping quiet whenever you're in a hand. Good luck!



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