Poker's Techno-Boom

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How has technology helped cause the increase in the popularity of poker?

Poker's Techno-Boom

Poker has exploded in popularity in the last few years, and it has largely been the result of a technology boom. Now when you watch poker on TV, you can see players' hidden cards, thanks to the invention of small “lipstick cameras.” It makes for much better TV, enjoying poker as a spectator sport has never been easier – watching the old World Series of Poker replays before they existed is like watching paint dry.

The other technological innovation that's helped poker is the internet. It's made it much easier to play poker, and now we don't have to take long drives to casinos or risk dicey underground games. Online poker players are more likely to watch the game on TV and those who watch it are more likely to play online, so the two trends feed each other.



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